What is Buildkite

Faster builds. Smarter automation.

Automate your team’s software development processes, from testing through to delivery, no matter the language, environment or toolchain.

Automate your entire development workflow

Browser screenshot showing incoming builds Animation of incoming builds, with each of their build steps changing from waiting, to building, to succeeded. Builds Backend App Build #8149 Pretty print the JSON response Mary McLeod b8a4208c (json-refactor) Specs Jasmine Staging Deploy Staging Smoke iOS App Build #628 Merge #123 - Fix crasher on photo flick James Peterson 2f693132 (master) Tests Build IPA Upload to Hockeyapp Ship it!
A collection of build agents A group of build agents running on different types of servers and platforms, changing colour as they run different build jobs. Mac Agent Linux Agent 1 Linux Agent 2 Deploy Agent

Speed up your entire team

Controlling your build infrastructure gives you the power to easily optimise your builds and reduce the time your team spends waiting. Use a large multi-core machine, or scale up your build agents using cloud instances during peak development times. Whatever suits your applications.

Every account comes with an unlimited number of build agents.

Automate repetitive tasks

The ability to run the agent on any machine, and execute any script, means you can automate anything and everything. Use your Mac Pro for Xcode builds, a deploy machine for deployments, or an office machine for quadcopter launches. Combined with an elegant web-based pipeline builder, and a full REST API, the sky’s the limit.

Simple setup and maintenance

Simple installation for Linux, Mac and Windows means you’ll be up-and-running in minutes, without the need for firewall rules or complex configuration. You still have to run a server, but the power and flexibility will pay dividends with every commit and every build.

The lightweight Golang-based build agent is simple to run and maintain.

  • AWS CI
  • Google Cloud CI
  • Windows Azure CI
  • Digital Ocean CI
  • Heroku CI
  • MacStadium CI
  • Scaleway CI
  • Docker CI
  • Arduino CI

I managed to set up our entire CI rig in one afternoon after battling for weeks with Xcode bots and Jenkins


  1. Any language

    It’s your infrastructure, so you’re free to run any language, toolchain or version you need, including Ruby, Xcode, Go, Node, Python, Java, Haskell and .NET.

  2. Any environment

    The open source buildkite-agent runs on a wide variety of operating systems and architectures, including Linux, OSX, and Windows, and has built-in support for containerised builds using Docker.

  3. Any version control

    Buildkite can run code from any version control system but has deep integration with common tools such as GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, GitLab and Codebase.

  4. Faster builds

    Run as many build agents as you dare, on any type of machine, and let Buildkite distribute and coordinate the jobs. Configure build steps to target different types of build agents.

  5. Powerful pipelines

    Configure build pipelines that run steps in parallel across build agents, wait for previous steps to complete, or pause the pipeline for team intervention, QA or testing.

  6. Automation tools

    Per-build key/value and binary data storage allows to easily share data between build steps and across agents. Build assets on one server, retrieve them on another.

  7. Easy setup

    Setting up a new build pipeline is no harder than running a build on your local machine, and the agent installs in one line of bash. Let your entire team become the build experts.

  8. Beautiful build output

    Log output folding, live updates, emoji, and browsable build artifacts allow everyone on the team to see what’s happening and to debug the cause of build failures.

  9. Trigger via the web

    Automate manual workflows by allowing team members to manually trigger build pipelines via the web. Enjoy increased visibility, notification and logging.

  10. Your code stays secure

    Buildkite never sees your source code or any secret keys. If you connect Buildkite with your GitHub or Bitbucket account we never request permission to read your code.

  11. Your build scripts

    Define your build steps in any scripting language your server supports, with almost no Buildkite specific code. Simple, repeatable, versioned and future-proof.

  12. Stable infrastructure

    You control the environment. Never worry about your build environment being updated without your control, or becoming out of date.

  13. Smart notifications

    Buildkite integrates with the tools your team use, including Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, Campfire and more. You can receive email notifications when someone has broken a build or performed a deployment.

  14. GitHub integration

    Deep integration with both GitHub and GitHub Enterprise’s pull request workflow, including automatic commit testing, pull request testing, and triggering deployments via chatops.

  15. Open tools and APIs

    We ❤️ open source. Many of our tools are open source on GitHub, and we provide a complete API for accessing your data.

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